Why You’ll See Medical Residents in Our Practice

Our Role as Mentors

Springdale-Mason Pediatrics strives to be one of the best groups of pediatricians in this region. This goal stretches us in many ways, including the ambition to teach the next generation of doctors and clinicians. We feel it is our opportunity to give back to the community by training future doctors.

We commonly take medical students and residents into our practice and guide their learning in pediatrics. You may see them with one of us or in an appointment alone. They act under our supervision and discuss each child’s encounter with one or more of us. We also benefit from this teaching as these students ask very hard questions that require us to stay current and strong in our medical knowledge and skill.

How You Can Help

We understand that seeing a resident or student may add additional time to your visit. Their level of skill at recognizing the patterns of development and illness requires that they discuss each case with us. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. On a positive note, by seeing a resident or student your child receives a comprehensive evaluation meant to leave nothing out, as well as the benefit of a built-in second opinion.

You May Opt Out

Any parent or child can refuse to see a resident or medical student. Please just tell the Medical Assistant at the beginning of your visit that you prefer not to see them. None of us are offended by your choice. However, please know that refusing these learners does not mean you will be seen faster, as we address each patient in the order that they are scheduled.

Thank you for your trust in us and for helping both in our education and in the education of the next generation of pediatricians and clinicians. You are highly regarded and valued.