With this nice warm weather, it is difficult to think about colder weather and the flu. However, there are some big changes that are important for you to know.

After evaluating its performance over the past few years, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has decided that the nasal flu vaccine, known as flu mist, is no longer a recommended option for flu vaccination. This vaccine has failed to protect children from strains of flu for the past two years. While it is true that the ability of the flu vaccine to protect people is dependent on how well it matches the circulating strains of flu, the nasal flu vaccine performed significantly worse compared to the injected flu vaccine.

For this reason, we will not offer the nasal flu vaccine this year. We will stock the traditional flu shot. Since this recommendation was just released, there is a possibility we will have a shortage of the flu shot. We will keep you updated on our website and on our FB page regarding this. Based on availability of the vaccine, we recommend that you have your child vaccinated against the flu in September. The infectious disease specialist at Children’s believe that vaccination in September will provide sufficient protection through the entire flu season (October to April).

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