Electronic Medical Records At Springdale-Mason Pediatrics

For those of you who have not been in the office for the last four months, there has been a great change! We are now using electronic medical records (EMR).
There are a lot of differences in our office flow and we appreciate the tolerance of those who have been in the office during the last few months. It is a big adjustment for all of the doctors and staff and we are still fine-tuning the new routine.

We know that in time this new tool will be an advantage for our practice and our patients. There are some conveniences that will be coming in the future, including a patient portal for communication and chart review. We hope to roll out our patient portal soon. In the next year we expect to have an efficient medical record system that will allow us to deliver even better medical care. We will also be able to provide you access to important medical information for your child.

Our doctors and staff will be asking a lot of questions to update the electronic medical charts and at times we may run behind schedule. We always appreciate your help and patience with these added tasks and in the partnership of care we offer your family. Thank you again for trusting in our care and in allowing us to help you build your children into strong young adults!

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