Dr. Linda Jost Retires

Dr. Linda JostWith deep appreciation, we bid a “Happy Retirement” to Dr. Linda Jost. Dr. Jost has been a vital part of our practice for over 30 years and her patients as well as the staff will miss her care. Dr. Jost is now a Physician Emeriti at Springdale Mason Pediatrics.

​Brenda Hanavan, Springdale Office Manager, describes her as “one of the smartest and most caring MDs our practice has ever had.  Her patients came first and she would work her off days just to make sure her patients were being cared for.​”​

Saying goodbye is always a bit sad, but now she will have the new joy of spending more time on her other loves: cooking, tennis and reading. We wish Dr. Jost all the best in her hard-earned time of leisure!

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