Safe Fun In The Sun

Did you know that 80% of your lifetime exposure to the sun occurs before age 20 and only one blistering sunburn in childhood is one of the major risk factors for developing melanoma. All tanning is damaging to the skin and there is no such thing as a “base tan” without skin damage. Actually, the [Read more…]

Flu Protection Season is Now!

Call the office as soon as possible to schedule your child’s flu immunization. We have flexible hours with short wait times available for your convenience.

Winter Safety

Here are a few tips to keep your family safe and healthy this winter Wear helmets when sledding, skiing or snowboarding Helmets are not just for biking. One in ten emergency room visits due to sledding accidents involve a concussion. So strap that helmet on and stay safe! Gloves and hats are important, too! Frostbite [Read more…]

FALL NEWS: Allergies

When the autumn weeds start to flower and we start raking the leaves, many people experience runny nose, itchy nose and congestion, itchy, watery eyes, scratchy sore throat or cough. These can be symptoms of allergies caused by pollen. Pollens are tiny grains released into the air from trees, grasses and weeds which cause the [Read more…]


Hey All! Fall is coming fast! This is a prime season for Asthma to act up. This is a lung condition that is caused by inflammation of the lining of your airways. Asthma may be mild, moderate or severe and can happen anywhere and at any time. It is a chronic condition that may last [Read more…]

Why Should I Read To My Toddler?

Why should I read to my toddler? Everyone says I should . . . but why? An IPad can read a book to a child and the child can even control it—isn’t that the same? Watch yourself settle in to read a book with your child. You make a nest for the child in your [Read more…]

About Sleep

Sleep is a commonly discussed issue at pediatrician appointments. It all starts with our newborns and their ability to sleep so much, yet make us exhausted with the short period of their sleep cycles. This is usually followed by several years of struggle to get them in bed and middle of the night requests, bad [Read more…]

Enterovirus D-68

As I’m sure you’ve heard, there’s a new virus in town. It’s name is EV–D68! The news and media have been reporting a lot about this "new" enterovirus. It can cause quite severe respiratory disease. This virus isn’t new though. It has been known about since 1962 and the CDC has been tracking it since [Read more…]

Update on Retail

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently issued a statement discouraging the use of retail based clinics. These are clinics located in major drug stores or grocery stores. Examples are The Minute Clinic and The Take Care Clinic. We share the opinion of the AAP and have several concerns regarding these clinics: The practitioner in [Read more…]

Welcome Dr. Paul Bunch!

Beginning July 9, Dr. Paul Bunch becomes the newest physician to join our practice. We are already accepting patients for him beginning this summer, so call if you’d like to schedule an appointment for your child.