Why not do antibiotics?

It is obvious that antibiotics have helped many people and increased the health of humans when used correctly. Their development and use has increased the life expectancy for all, stopped the suffering from many illnesses and changed the course of open wound injury from a possible life risk to no big deal. However, use of [Read more…]

Hey!! Did You Know We are Open?!

You may not know that there is a ‘controversy” ongoing about the Minute Clinic, the Little Clinic and other retail clinics in this country. Among other things, we believe that the quality of care is not optimally given and that there may be a conflict of interest between the patient’s needed care and the encouragement [Read more…]

Congratulations to our Dr. Debbie Goodlander on being nominated for the Aubrey Rose Foundation 2017 Above and Beyond Doctor of the Year!

Congratulations to our Dr. Debbie Goodlander on being nominated for the Aubrey Rose Foundation 2017 Above and Beyond Doctor of the Year! She has always been there for her patients, and this nomination is so well deserved!!! Congratulations Dr. Debbie!!!

A letter from Dr. T. Ryan Hensley

To the patients and families of Springdale-Mason Pediatrics, I am sad to report that I will be leaving the practice next month. My wife has accepted a job in North Carolina and will be leaving in the next two weeks. I will join her and my son two weeks later. My last day seeing patients [Read more…]

Dr. Sarah Lichtenstein joins us at Springdale-Mason Pediatrics

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Sarah Lichtenstein is working at Springdale-Mason Pediatrics. She is an exceptional physician carrying on a family tradition in Pediatrics and another excellent addition to our group. Dr. Lichtenstein (Dr. L.) will help you and your child take a special and early interest in health. We invite you [Read more…]

Dr. T. Ryan Hensley is moving out of Ohio.

It is with great regret that we announce Dr. T. Ryan Hensley leaving our practice because he is moving out of Ohio. He is moving to be closer to family and continue his career as a Pediatrician in North Carolina. Dr. Hensley has become a helpful part of so many of our patients’ lives. His [Read more…]

SUMMER NEWS: Quick Summer Safety Tips

Here are some quick summer safety tips for a fun, active and safe summer: Fireworks look exciting but even sparklers can reach temperatures over 1000°F. Bike helmets for the entire family can prevent face and head injuries while on wheels. When attending amusement parks or traveling, be sure that you children know your cell phone [Read more…]

EpiPen Recall

The FDA has announced a recall of 13 lots of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr auto injectors which are used to treat severe allergic reactions. These EpiPens may not work properly when used. Please click this link to the FDA website to see if you have an EpiPen included in the recall. We recommend you keep [Read more…]

Welcome, Dr. Hensley!

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Ryan Hensley is working at Springdale Mason Pediatrics. He is an exceptional physician and an excellent addition to our group. We invite you to see him when you come and hope that you enjoy the advantages that he adds to our group.


With this nice warm weather, it is difficult to think about colder weather and the flu. However, there are some big changes that are important for you to know. After evaluating its performance over the past few years, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has decided that the nasal flu vaccine, known as flu mist, [Read more…]