Flu Protection Season is Now!

Call the office as soon as possible to schedule your child’s flu immunization. We have flexible hours with short wait times available for your convenience.

Immunization — Let’s Talk

As we approach the flu season, we are reminded of how every year at least a couple kids that are perfectly normal have a very bad outcome from a very common disease. As pediatricians, we learn about these cases on a regular basis. In fact, last year 140 children died of the flu. Fifty percent [Read more…]

Winter Safety

Here are a few tips to keep your family safe and healthy this winter Wear helmets when sledding, skiing or snowboarding Helmets are not just for biking. One in ten emergency room visits due to sledding accidents involve a concussion. So strap that helmet on and stay safe! Gloves and hats are important, too! Frostbite [Read more…]

Dr. Paul Bunch elected president of the Cincinnati Pediatric Society

Congratulations to Dr. Bunch! He is adding president of the Cincinnati Pediatric Society to his duties at Springdale Mason Pediatrics. We know he will do a great job! Read Article Here

Dr. Joel Singerman has Passed Away

It is with very heavy hearts that we must share the news that Dr. Joel Singerman has passed away after a brief illness. His stalwart and caring presence continually inspired all of us in the Springdale Mason Pediatrics family and beyond. He had such great compassion and care for his patients, and he always kept [Read more…]

Is Your Child Sick? ™

There is a feature on our homepage that’s called "Is Your Child Sick? ™" This is a complete, understandable and reliable medical resource provided by Pediatric Web. Its purpose is for a parent to use when screening for the need to "see the doctor". Just pick from any of the three drop-down list in the [Read more…]

Why not do antibiotics?

It is obvious that antibiotics have helped many people and increased the health of humans when used correctly. Their development and use has increased the life expectancy for all, stopped the suffering from many illnesses and changed the course of open wound injury from a possible life risk to no big deal. However, use of [Read more…]

Hey!! Did You Know We are Open?!

You may not know that there is a ‘controversy” ongoing about the Minute Clinic, the Little Clinic and other retail clinics in this country. Among other things, we believe that the quality of care is not optimally given and that there may be a conflict of interest between the patient’s needed care and the encouragement [Read more…]

Congratulations to our Dr. Debbie Goodlander on being nominated for the Aubrey Rose Foundation 2017 Above and Beyond Doctor of the Year!

Congratulations to our Dr. Debbie Goodlander on being nominated for the Aubrey Rose Foundation 2017 Above and Beyond Doctor of the Year! She has always been there for her patients, and this nomination is so well deserved!!! Congratulations Dr. Debbie!!!

A letter from Dr. T. Ryan Hensley

To the patients and families of Springdale-Mason Pediatrics, I am sad to report that I will be leaving the practice next month. My wife has accepted a job in North Carolina and will be leaving in the next two weeks. I will join her and my son two weeks later. My last day seeing patients [Read more…]