Medical Home

Springdale-Mason Pediatrics is committed to being a patient-centered medical home for your family. A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a system of care in which a team of health professionals work together to provide all of your child’s health care needs.

A medical home encompasses five functions and attributes:

  • Patient-centered: Putting patients first. We will work with you to help you understand your child’s condition to enable you, in collaboration with our team, to make appropriate decisions about your child’s care. Know that we will partner with you in your child’s care.
  • Comprehensive: Preventive, primary, and specialty care are provided to the child and family.
  • Coordinated: Coordinating your child’s care across multiple settings. We will help you to facilitate care from specialty providers, mental health providers, home health services and hospital emergency departments to help ensure that your child receives integrated and coordinated care. We are the “home base” for your child’s care.
  • Accessible: Patients are able to access our office during normal office hours for advice and same day appointments. One of our physicians is always on call after hours to assist with emergency situations and concerns. You can also find disease specific and symptom specific information on our website as well as other additional resources.
  • Committed to quality and safety: Clinicians and staff are committed to quality improvement to ensure that patients and families receive the best care possible in a timely manner.

We have implemented processes and policies to assist in maintaining our commitment to provide high quality, coordinated, accessible care to each child and family.

As your medical home, you can expect the following from us:

  • We will help you understand your child’s condition using shared decision making.
  • We will address your concerns at every visit and we will work together to develop health care goals.
  • We strive to improve communication between the office and the parent/patient.
  • We will notify you in a timely manner of any test results.
  • We will provide more frequent and thorough follow-up regarding patient care.
  • We will continue to improve your family’s experience of care.

To be your medical home, we need you to do the following:

  • Contact us first. If you think your child might need after hours care, call us first so that we can help to coordinate care through the appropriate facility.
  • Keep us informed. Come to each visit with updates on medications, supplements, medical history, health status, recent tests, and any visits to facilities outside of our office.
  • Schedule recommended well visits and immunizations as well as appropriate rechecks for chronic diagnoses
  • Let us know how we can help you. This may include any community, mental health, disease-specific, or other resources we can connect with you.