About Sleep

Sleep is a commonly discussed issue at pediatrician appointments. It all starts with our newborns and their ability to sleep so much, yet make us exhausted with the short period of their sleep cycles. This is usually followed by several years of struggle to get them in bed and middle of the night requests, bad dreams and desires “just to be with you.” To help your child (and yourself) be a good sleeper takes routine and effort in the chaotic schedule of the life.

There are some well-written information sources on childhood sleep, but amounts needed by individual children can be quite variable. For a fast read, I recommend the site KidsHealth and their “All About Sleep” document. We have other sites linked in the Recommended Web Links section on our website.

We feel that every child is different and one size parenting does not work in a family. As pediatricians, we want to help you with your childrens’ sleep and other rhythms of life. Good sleep is one of the essential ingredients to a healthy person, let us help you if problems are in your way!

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